Saturday, July 19, 2008

M vs The Lawn: Keepin' it REEL

With J out of town for the weekend, I was left to deal with solo yardwork. After last weekend, I was definitely not looking forward to this. I bought a trimmer/edger. Still no power at the house, so I got a cordless trimmer - a Black and Decker 18V Grasshog. My tool set uses the same batteries so it was the best fit. After trimming the edges and some rogue weeds, I pulled the reel mower out and cut my first swath. OMG! It works!

The reel mower now works like a charm, the lawn looks decent, and the house doesn't look abandoned. Success! In fact with the new roof, and the trim lawn the place almost looks habitable. We've still got a long way to go, but seeing it cleaned up helps make the process a little more bearable.


One of the other great purchases that helped me clean the place up was a 2-wheel barrel. I like the stability, and maybe I'll even get J to use it. Also picked up a utility sink to use temporarily in the guest bath until most messy projects are done. Tomorrow...I take my first stab at an IKEA kitchen!

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