Sunday, July 27, 2008

WEEK 3: Permit...Permit...Permit!

Week 3: "Permit" was the buzzword o' da week. M. made a grand total of 3 trips to the local permitting office in vain attempts to restore an electrical meter to our house. The house flipper who previously owned our house (prior to the bank owning it of course), had pulled an electrical permit, done 90% of the electrical work, never got a final inspection and thus the permit expired. Now we come in and try to get the same electrical permit re-issued (not a terrible financial cost, but quite the headache!). Until we pass electrical inspection, no power meter...grr. The 1st time M. went to the permit office, he was told that there was no proof that he owned the house so they would not re-issue the permit to him. The 2nd time M. went with official closing papers in hand, and was told that he needed the actual deed to the house (which does not come in the mail for another 45 days). The 3rd time M. went with a printout from the county website showing the deed transfer...3rd time was the charm. We got our electrical permit re-issued! Subsequently, there has been a flurry of electricians bidding up the work that remains to be done to get us to pass inspection...phew!

Meanwhile, our contractor brought in some guys to start work on the back patio. We talked to our neighbors on both sides and begged their forgiveness for loud jackhammering that was to begin early Sunday morning. This is a courtesy folks and I highly recommend it! You can't do anything about construction noise, but you can give the heads-up to neighbors. We are glad we did. WEEK 3 PROGRESS:

  • DECISIONS: Design for back patio pad (site of future screen room)
  • LABOR: (1) M. continued working on the upper kitchen cabinets (2) M. installed new mailbox (3) demo of existing patio has begun!
  • MAJOR PURCHASES: mailbox post, a pedestal bath sink, solar Tiki lights (we couldn't resist b/c they actually flicker!)

MAILBOX BEFORE: Old rusted metal box on old rusted metal post and leaning precariously at a 45 degree sad!

MAILBOX AFTER: Yowsers! New weatherproof and rustproof mailbox has locking compartment which prevents identity theft and is oversized to allow a vacay's worth of mail to discreetly accumulate. Yes, we know the mailbox is plastic, but it is durable and thus long-lasting. The mail post is cedar which is durable for outdoors. As for going green...well, at the bargain price of $865, we just can't afford the FSC-certified mailbox and post of our dreams by Semi-good. Thus the compromises begin...

P.S. The metal mailbox and post WERE recycled for scrap metal by a neighbor. It did not end up in a landfill. Hooray!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking me. I love that mailbox. I try to be eco friendly with my renovation efforts but eco friendly is kinda expensive.

Pacha Mama said...

I agree! Trying to be green and save green at the same is very challenging. But we keep tryin. Good luck with the mid-century and the modern - we love it! (P.S....both M. and I have our roots and our families in Maryland):)

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