Sunday, August 3, 2008

WEEK 4: The neighbors upstairs

This week M. discovered a small squirrel family taking up residence in the eaves of our roof. There are several entry points under the eaves where the original wood is missing planks. Apparently, summertime is a "peak" time for squirrel baby-making and so now we have a nest...ay! Meanwhile the bee's honeyfarm continues to thrive...Pacha Mama is turning into quite the animal house and we haven't even moved in yet! We are currently researching a humane option for removal of the squirrels. Any ideas?

M. and I continue to plod on slowly with projects...Home Depot and Lowes have become like a second home to us. We have learned that we are both pickier than we realized, which is not necessarily a bad thing - we picked each other right? WEEK 4 PROGRESS:
  • DECISIONS: Selected and agreed upon NO-VOC versus LOW-VOC paints and and on paint color for the foyer/living/dining/kitchen "great room" (separate post on that later).; have come up with a POA (plan of action) for tackling the remaining projects: each room now has two running lists: (1) a shopping list and (now J.'s responsibility) and (2) a to-do list (now M.'s responsibility...with some help from J. of course!). We like to think of this as playing to our strengths ;)
  • LABOR: M. is finishing up the upper kitchen cabinets; also, our electrician (who has a lovely British accent by the way!) has started work to get us to closer to our electrical inspection! yay!
  • MAJOR PURCHASES: All kitchen and laundry appliances


ONNO said...

Have you tried catch and release traps. You could re-locate them, but make sure it's far enough away that the squirrels can't find their way back. Sounds like progress is being made. Congrats!


Karen K. Kennedy said...

On the day my parents were coming to spend the night, I checked the guest room, to be sure all was okay, and discovered squirrels had chewed all the way through the drywall right over the bed! Their nest was in the wall, but pine straw and leaves were falling out right where my would want to lay his head. Since the folks were on the way, my husband made sure the squirrels weren't in residence--they must have been out looking for more leaves to push through the hole--and plugged the hole from the outside. We cleaned the squirrel debris off the bed, hung a picture over the hole on the inside and didn't tell my parents until they were leaving.

Good luck with yours! Here's hoping they don't make their way into the house!


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