Wednesday, May 13, 2009

WEEK 42-43:I’m on a boat…

We got a boat! Since the day we closed on our house nearly 10 months ago, we dared to dream of someday owning a small, uncomplicated boat that would fulfill our coastal dreams… The big gas-guzzling vessels were never an option, as we didn’t think they would go with our environmentally-friendly house. We Googled, researched, and Googled some more until finally agreeing on the Pelican Energy DLX boat : an electric/pedal hybrid boat. Instead of horse power, this bad boy uses human-power (pedaling) or alternately you can use the electric engine which has 5 forward and 2 reverse speeds. Other goodies include: marine battery, 3-lb anchor, adjustable seatbacks that recline; seat cushys; retractable bimini top; two built in cooler/storage compartments; pop-up rudder and of course…cup holders. CHEERS! And though you’ll never see our boat on a music video, it is just enough to take us - plus 3 of our closest friends - cruisin' the Florida waters. WHEE!

  • DECISIONS: to take a day off of work for J's birthday and spend part of it at the grand opening of IKEA-Tampa; to get a 7x10 shed for all the yard and tools supplies we never knew we needed (electric hedge trimmer?); exchanged Pfister vanity faucets from Home Depot for more contemporary styled IKEA ones; to call in our favorite contractor to expedite a few lagging projects like the interior doors

  • LABOR: We painted the patio pad (tutorial to be posted soon); installed the gazebo; and put up a new Rubbermaid Big Max Ultra shed...phew!

  • MAJOR PURCHASES: Pelican Energy DLX electric pedal boat; Rubbermaid Big Max Ultra Shed; IKEA Dalskar faucets;
Here's our very own marine vessel!

Master bath faucet (x2) for the double vanity:

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