Sunday, August 30, 2009

postcard: Hybrid/electric cars

La Paz, BO – I was as suprised as anyone to learn that Bolivia will become the key to increasing production of electric and hybrid cars. Bolivia = “The Saudi Arabia of lithium?” As it turns out, Bolivia holds the world’s largest reserve of lithium – a metal that is essential for the batteries that power electric/hybrid vehicles. So, what's the hold up? Well, the lack of production plants and infrastructure (ie. paved roads) to export the lithium. Oh, and the estimated 800 million dollars that someone will have to cough up to get this whole operation up and running. According to several news reports, there are many hands willing to invest - France and Korea among others. Here's to lithium and that someday soon this Bolivian girl will be driving a car made with Bolivian parts.
Love, J.

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Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Go Bolivia!Who knew?

J - Pacha Mama said...

Yay, right?! Thanks for the comment. Cheers, J. & M.

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