Monday, October 26, 2009

WEEKs 60-68: Wutzup Dock?

We got a dock! Thanks to the miracle of Craigslist, we are the proud owners of a 8 x 12 floating dock with catwalk. Although it happened sooner than originally planned, we are now wondering how we went so long without one. Does this happen to others too? Like we needed something else to encourage more procrastination (from our house to-do projects)…the dock bobs in the water, chairs at the ready, and with a railing just wide enough to set a drink on. It’s taunting us. How are we ever going to get any work done now?!

Here's the dock arriving. Yup, that is M. (left) paddling up the canal. He guided the dock and our dock guys in from the neighborhood boat ramp. Yup, he got strange looks and smiles from our neighbors:

Here is me (J.) pondering life and losing track of time:
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