Sunday, February 21, 2010

WEEKs 81-87: Hall & (c)oats

Another project about 97.2%(*) done! We painted, we improvised...oh, and we created an entry/hall closet where none existed. From start to finish, it took many steps:

  • HVAC installed in the hall closet
  • installed white bifold door to hide energy star air conditioning unit
  • covered up the hole in the ceiling with a return register
  • repaired and painted the broken trim
  • installed/painted 3 solid core doors
  • painted the walls in "Smooth Driftwood"; painted the moldings, trim, and baseboards in white; we even painted the cover of the electrical panel to lessen the eyesore-ness of it all.

PMH wasn't blessed with an entry closet. What appears to be one there on the left had been repurposed as the HVAC closet. So we scratched our heads for where to place our shoes and jackets that seemed to pile up everywhere. The solution came when we installed the IKEA TJUSIG in white up high and the IKEA LOGGA down low for shoes.

Here's a close-up of our shoe rack that we hacked by using what IKEA markets as a three-hook jacket hanger. By purchasing 2 of the hangers and mounting them side by side, we can easily hang a few pairs of shoes. By storing shoes vertically, we have recaptured valuable inches from our oh-so-narrow hallway. Tah-Dah!

(*) We say 97.2% done because we still need to paint the bi-fold door in high-gloss white and install some groovy hardware on it.
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Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Great hacking....and great job on making space! perfect!

J - Pacha Mama said...

Thanks! We love it and sweeping beach sand from under the shoe rack is easy-peasy :) It's the little things that make a difference, ya know?

D+L said...

How did you hang the tjusig rack on the wall?

J - Pacha Mama said...

@ D+L:

I used basic screws and anchors (probably larger than I needed). I have a Black and Decker Accumark Level which is great for just this sort of thing. It really helps lining the holes up, and keeping it all level.


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