Friday, June 20, 2008

The house that almost got away

A lil' background for the curious folk: While house-hunting, our offer on Casa #1 was outright rejected. Ouch. Not too surprising since it was a low-ball offer on our part and a well-laid out waterfront house on their part. We then decided to contact the realtor on our fridge-magnet. Realtor showed us all the houses on our must-see list except one that had just gone under contract (we’ll call it the one that almost got away!). Soon, we became discouraged on the prices of waterfronts and decided to give up the Florida dream. So, we put an offer on Casa #2 (a non-waterfront house in a waterfront community). In the heat of negotiations, we got down to a 5k difference. While nail-biting and mulling this over, I decided to peruse (our fav realty site) and saw that the one waterfront house we never got to view was JUST back on the market. A couple frantic calls to M. at work and to our realtor and plans were made to view the house that night. We saw the potential right away and after weeks of “as-is” addendums, inspections, appraisals, and surveys, closing day is approaching fast!

Closing day countdown: 17 days!

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