Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Welcome to Pacha Mama House!

Hooray! We are well into the process of buying our first actual house. Three years of wedded bliss has led us to the point where we have to think of extra bedrooms for "lil' ones" and long family visits. There are many reasons to buy a house: for M. it was a desire to have a customized home, a reason to dust off power tools, and ultimately to justify his frequent pilgrimages to Home Depot. For J., it was a desire to play loud music, vacuum after 11 PM, and plant flowers and trees outside of containers. And so one day M. and J. happened upon a not-so-lovely-but-very-affordable house and the rest is ...well, not history...but hopefully the future!
Pacha Mama house is a 1960 one-story Ranch. 3BR;2BA.

Closing day countdown: 20 days!

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