Thursday, August 14, 2008

WEEK 6: Let there be (artificial) light!

Week 6 seemed monumentous in progress. Our greatest acheivement was passing our electrical inspection (props to our electrican from Diamond Electric for getting us there!). Meanwhile, the electric-meter fairy dropped off a power meter and M. had the honor of hitting the switch and TA-DAH...lights came on! A ceiling fan started swirling and we were in complete awe! Five weeks without power will do strange things to you... Of course, we are not living at the house/construction site, but the inability to turn on a light restricted our work there to only daylight hours. Now, we can work on projects well past sundown and into the night. Yippee/Boo!

  • LABOR: M. continues to work on the sink-side of our kitchen cabinetry and he re-used a scrap of drywall to patch the cut-out left after the flood; M. has started to prep the guest bath for primer/paint; our contractor continued to install and frame in windows are our sliding patio doors (American Craftsman 5700 series Energy Star).
  • MAJOR PURCHASES: two doors rescued from the Habitat Re-store to be re-purposed for our bathroom doors

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