Monday, August 25, 2008

Week 7: Bee gone!

Week 7! Phew...we are creeping up on the two month mark! EEK! We spent a ridiculous amount of time stressing about a mistake on our new Home Depot credit card when we were charged twice for one door. Grr! M. and I marched in to the customer service desk ready for battle and were pleasantly surprised that the mistake was quickly and easily corrected. Yay! Meanwhile, an even greater victory is that the bees & honey farm are gone! We researched about a half dozen "Bee Removal Specialists" and selected Bob's Bee Rescue because (1) they humanely remove the LIVE bees and relocate them to bee keepers in Florida and (2) they do not use toxic and harmful chemicals.

An estimated 20,000 bees were living here in our exterior wall. First, the Bee guy finds and moves the Queen Bee into a bee box. The other bees follow the Queen into the box. Any remaining bees are vaccumed into the box. Then, they are transported to hives that Bob maintains and to other bee keepers. Bee keepers can use the bees to harvest honey, to pollinate citrus tree groves, or just to get the tax exemption for their land...

PHOTO 1: the honeyfarm was located in between studs in an exterior wall! (photo credit: Bob our Bee Guy). PHOTO 2: Our bee guy in his bee suit vaccuming up the bees. PHOTO 3: The bee box containing our bees [Pics 2 and 3 were taken by me (J.) from a safe distance using my zoom lens!] For those of you who are facing Bee dilemmas, please consider a Live Bee removal INSTEAD of hiring a pest control company that will kill all the bees and leave a toxic mess. More importantly, bees are incredibly important to our eco- and agro- systems for their important role in pollinating our crops. Currently, we are experiencing a drastic loss of honeybees. To read more about the Honey Bee Crisis in the U.S., click here.


Sharkeysday said...

Eeeek! Good for you for safely removing them! I will say tho that some "nests" are wasps and they're just plain bad. We've had a ton of wasps in our neighborhood and people get yelled at for killing them (people mistakenly think they're bees). It's worth doing research to see what they are.


Pacha Mama said...

We actually did have wasps in other areas - even found a wasp's mud nest in our permit box! Now that the bees, wasps, and squirrels are evicted, we (the humans) can actually move in.

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