Wednesday, September 24, 2008

WEEK 10&11: Countertops we likey!

These 2 weeks are rolled together since we were starting to fall behind on postings. Lately, our time has been occupied with lots of travel, work and another IKEA Orlando trip…phew! Our move-in date is looming closer so we are going to have to pick up the pace on pre-move in tasks.
  • DECISIONS: We found a local countertop and installer! After comparing several green countertop options, we decided to go with LG Hi-Mac “Eden Collection” - a solid-surface line that contains recycled content. We dig ‘em because they are non-porous, anti-microbial and stain resistant, w/ a 15-yr warranty. We love our installers because they only install countertops from local distributors, they donate materials to Habitat for Humanity, they sell several “green countertop options” and they take their dog to work with them. They are all-around-good-peoples who gave us a price break on our seamless integrated double sink since it was left over from another job. Other countertop options we ix-nayed included: bamboo & concrete (too much maintenance); Avonite & Enviroglass & Vetrazzo (too pricey); Paperstone & Richlite (too long to manufacture & ship)... So of the solid-surfaces, we found that LG Hi-Mac Eden Collection had the most recycled content for the best price we could afford (as opposed to Corian's recycled "Terra" collection). It was a dizzying process to look at so many green countertop options, but we see that as a sign of change and progress. We hope it continues...
  • LABOR: J. started working on the crown molding, baseboards and door casings in the 3rd bedroom and they are now sanded, cleaned and primed. M. finished all the kitchen cabinet installation and is working on adding all the cabinet doors and drawers. Our contractor installed the LAST window and two new exterior Energy Star doors for the back and side of the house. He also completed the last of the porch demolition and started installing our window sills.
  • MAJOR PURCHASES: travertine window sills; LG Hi-Mac kitchen countertops in “Lemongrass,” with seamless integrated sink and 4-inch's a sample:

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