Thursday, October 9, 2008


Weeks 12&13 have been a blur of unfinished projects and preparing to for da big move out and move-in. We rushed to paint the ginormous Master suite, since we planned to make that the first “livable room” and first completed project. On this past weekend (moving weekend), M. and I each took some time off from work. M. cleaned up the power tools, construction materials and other random things and cleared space for the furniture and moving boxes we knew were soon to take over the space. Meanwhile, J. scrubbed, cleaned, and vacuumed the old apartment. Bye-bye 1100 square feet of wall-to-wall carpet! Together, we packed what the packers/movers didn’t have time to get to - which was surprisingly quite a bit of stuff. And finally M. moved the last of heavy things and shuttled them all to our not-so-new house. Almost can’t believe we’re living here now! Pacha Mama house is no longer a destination, but home. Currently, home looks like a construction site and storage space exploded in each room, but we can only do one project at a time!

  • DECISIONS: To hire packers and movers for 5 hours (for the heaviest and largest stuff)!
  • LABOR: J& M. worked on painting MBR suite and 3rd bedroom; Contractor finished up stucco, soffits, installed hot water heater; installed 14 SEER (Energy Star rated) Air Conditioner, got the kitchen functional by hooking up dishwasher, garbage disposal and sink faucet.
  • MAJOR PURCHASES: A swimspa for the back patio! More on that later!

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