Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weeks 14 - 15: Flying swimspa!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a swimspa in the sky! Our swimspa was delivered and installed and is so much more than we imagined. We first spotted a swimspa about a year ago at a local homeshow and have been obsessed with owning one ever since. It is an 8ft x 15 ft hot tub/pool hybrid. If you can’t decide between a pool for fitness or a hot tub for relaxation, then you are just as indecisive as we are. I love swimming laps for exercise and M. loves massagy jets for his back pain so we would definitely recommend this ;). Our swimspa comes with a waterfall feature, chromatherapy lights and a locking cover for added heat insulation and energy savings. Also, maintenance, price and energy use are significantly less than a pool. Hooray for swimspas! We’ve included some pictures of swimspa delivery day. Our lot was too narrow to have the swimspa trucked in, so it had to be lifted over our house with a giant crane. The swimspa weighs about 2500 pounds without water and the crane even left a crack on our concrete driveway. Of course we didn’t care since it just blended in with all the other driveway cracks…ha!
  • DECISIONS: Selected ZERO-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint colors for the kitchen and dining area (Arbor Vine) and for the living room and entry area (Smooth Driftwood). These colors are sold by Freshaire brand paint which can be purchased at Home Depot.
  • LABOR: M. installed our stacking washer and dryer in the laundry closet; he installed “Part 1” of a Closetmaid system into the MBR closet and flush-mount ceiling fan. We started putting up primer and paint in the living room and hallways – phew! M. picked up our special order inerior doors from Lowes. Also, M. finished putting together my patio furniture so we can enjoy our outdoor space (this possible almost year-round in Florida). We were fortunate to have a friend come by recently and help with putting up primer on our outdoor stucco in the front porch area. Thanks, K.!
  • MAJOR PURCHASES: “Porter Cable” brand air compressor kit with three nailers from Home Depot. M. has been hunting a kit down for a while and it will come in handy for installing base boards and other items on the honey-do list.

(M. took the day off work to be home on swimspa delivery day!)

(Manufacturer pic of an aerial view of the swimspa innards)

(Manufacturer pic of my new conversation set for the patio)

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