Monday, December 1, 2008

"I'm amazed this thing is floating"

Today was supposed to be the day..the day we would bid a bon voyage to our derelict vessel. But it was not to be. It was, however, the day that I fell in the canal. There were no injuries, but I did have to say goodbye to an old pair of shoes and socks, and a bit of my pride. The mud next to the sea-wall is deep, and gunked up the socks & shoes beyond saving. I was already laughing by the time I hauled myself out of the water. I was also able to amuse J when I told her what had happened.

A little background on the "boat". Neighbors tell us it showed up somewhere around 5 years ago. From what we've been able to tell, it was purchased by one of the former owners. The boats motor & other salvagable pieces were stripped and sold. This owner lost the house in foreclosure, and it was bought by an Investor, Mr T. Mr. T. rented it for a couple of years with the boat still there, before deciding to flip it to sell. Once the house was nearing completion, the market had taken it's turn south, and he let it go into foreclosure, and the bank took over..all with the boat still there.

Now looking back on the situation, we should have included the boat removal in the offer process, but we did not realize how the situation was going to unfold.

Fast forward to today. The boat has been semi-floating for 5-ish years, and we have a guy coming out to take care of it. Jim showed up and we went out to take a look a the boat. he hopped on board, and started to realized just how much of a process this was going to be.

The boat is 1978 Bayliner, and it used to have an inboard motor. For the uninitiated (like I was until recently), an inboard motor actually mounts below the water line of the boat. This also means that if you remove the motor, you end up with a large hole below the waterline of the boat. Boats don't really like having holes below the waterline, because they usually lead to sinking..which is bad.

So while Jim was checking the boat out, he said "I'm amazed this thing is floating", which is exactly what J and I had thought on so many occasions. So he checked out the boat, and realized that he did not have the pieces necessary to remove it this morning. So he put together a list of parts to bring, and we rescheduled for Saturday. So if all goes well, which it probably won't, we should be short one derelict vessel by the end of Saturday.

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