Wednesday, December 10, 2008

WEEKS 19-21: Back on track!

Although we were home visiting DC over the Thanksgiving weekend, we nevertheless have thrown ourselves back into house renovations to get Pacha Mama all gussied for 2009! On a cheery note, Pacha Mama House received a surprised visitor – no, not the TV producers at HGTV (I won’t give up though!), rather it was one of our neighbors. She gifted us with grapefruits and avocados as big as your head! She was sharing her excess from her yard. I was so shocked at this random act of kindness that I faltered for words, but was able to manage a thank you on behalf of Pacha Mama House. It made us feel warm and fuzzy for living in the type of neighborhood where these things happen. We hope someday we too will grow an abundance of edible things to share with our neighbors…

  • LABOR: MBR: painted ceiling, all trim and have begun putting COLOR on the walls; Painted living room front door in semi-gloss white

  • DECISIONS: Have decided to post-pone pilgrimage to Orlando IKEA until end of December (to better take advantage of steals…um, I mean deals!)- Have decided to post-pone some two major projects (outdoor screen room and floating dock) until Home Depot card is paid off; Have decided to allow backyard to remain a scary jungle since it partially obscures the view of the derelict vessel (when it is gone, I don’t know what he will gripe about on his Facebook status!)

  • MAJOR PURCHASES: 24 inch White “beadboard” vanity (a post T-day clearance item at Lowes – SCORE!) for guest bath; TOTO Eco-Drake High-efficiency (HEF) toilet for the master bath with soft close lid (it is the smallest water-saving toilet we could find to fit in our long and narrow MBA). We have shipping confirmation which means the Master Bath renovation is finally begun!

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