Monday, December 22, 2008

WEEK 22- 23: Bye-bye boat!

It’s gone. It’s really gone! When we purchased Pacha Mama House, she was the biggest eyesore on the block – everyone knows that. What is less known is that Pacha Mama had a secret on her seawall – the late 70s derelict vessel. At nearly 22 feet long, you could not miss this boat. Although large and outfitted with a cutty cabin, the boat was abandoned and neglected for many harsh years. With much fanfare, Jim of “Jim’s Boat Removal” was finally able to tow the boat away. Thanks Jim, you are our hero. With the boat removal saga behind us, we can really enjoy our waterfront view. So now M. is on a back-yard kick lately and has repeatedly taken a chainsaw to some of the invasive and non-native trees to “clear-cut” the backyard jungle. In the clear-cutting process we discovered some tiny crabs on the seawall and a breathtaking view of the sun setting over the water… With the holidays coming up, we will be busy of course, but M.’s taking some days off of work which will hopefully mean more progress for Pacha Mama House.

  • DECISION: To subcontract out the exterior painting of Pacha Mama House to the “pros”

  • LABOR: In the Master bedroom and Dining room, we finished all crown molding and baseboard painting; Painted dining room in “Smooth driftwood” color; have started clear cutting backyard jungle since boat is now gone

  • MAJOR PURCHASES: a table saw with stand that does mitered cuts (so that M. can work on our interior doors, moldings and baseboards; a clay chimnea with stand; a ceiling fan for the living room with domed light and a remote control - we think it is contemporary without being too cold and we needed a flush-mount for our low ceilings and a light kit that people wouldn't bonk their head ons

Ta-dah...the new fan!


Kelli said...

Isn't it amazing how removing that one roadblock to your progress (such as a trashy boat) opens up your motivation to get more and more done? I've found that's often the pattern around my house. Nice work! Can't wait to see some lovely sunset pictures.

Gene said...

w00t! I'm sure the manatees are happy to see one less boat around, too, even if yours wasn't going anywhere.

We only got one afternoon canoeing in while visiting my parents near Miami, but we did see a couple of manatees. Alas, one with the ubiquitous propeller scars.

Pacha Mama said...

Thanks for the encouraging comments. We need them! As per request, we have updated our photo with a sunset picture...ahh.

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