Sunday, January 4, 2009

WEEK 24-25: Pacha Mama Holidays!

Our first Holiday season at Pacha Mama House was quite eventful. We hosted a small party at our home and since we do not yet have any interior doors, we had to direct people to “the first curtain on the left” when they needed a restroom! Ha! Amazingly, nobody seemed to mind and the biggest surprise of the party was the neighborhood holiday boat parade that coincided on the same night. We spent Christmas with M’s sister and her lovely family in Charlotte, NC. While in NC, we shopped our hearts out at Home Depot Expo and Trader Joe's (P.S. there is a rumor that there are 5 TJ's to open in FL in 09!). This trip was the longest time we have been away from Pacha Mama and we were nervous to leave her but she was just fine. And now that we are back home, we are falling back into our projecting. A quickie trip to Orlando IKEA also yielded additional (and much needed hardware) for the kitchen cabinetry. Yippee!

  • DECISIONS: To get a privacy fence; to schedule our final electrical inspection
  • LABOR: M. installed our new ceiling fan, put up solar Christmas lights on the front porch, and continued clear cutting the backyard jungle. Also M. has started installing a door (our first interior one!) in the Master Bedroom.
  • MAJOR PURCHASES: solar holiday string lights from Sam’s Club; organic Bolivia coffee from Trader Joe's and a drop-down cookbook rack with an under-cabinet mount for the kitchen.
    Here’s a pic of our homemade wreath. In addition to the wreath decorations (from Target and Michael’s craft store), we added fresh blooms from an obliging hibiscus bush in our front yard.

Here are some pics of the famous annual Holiday boat parade in our neighborhood. As non-natives to Florida, this is something we were not used to experiencing, much less watching it go past our back yard! Now we are thinking about having a "parade party" the same time next year. [photo credit: J.'s friend and co -worker. thanks!]

Notice the "Santa in a helicopter" positioned at the front of this boat. Awesome!

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