Sunday, April 26, 2009


As it turns out, me and the Cyprus trees don’t get along so well. The past couple weekends have been busy with allergies, social outings, imprompto trip to IKEA-Orlando and belated travel plans to South Beach. Home renovations returned to the back burner, so this is admittedly a skimpy post.

  • DECISIONS: changed our mind about patio pad paint color…is now a sandy color; decided to create a butterfly garden using all Florida native plants; decided to schedule several estimates for seawall repair; decided to have vanity professionally installed due to tricky plumbing;
  • LABOR: landscaper cleared out dying vegetation, invasive trees, and removed stumps; electrician installed new front porch light fixture; M put the vanity together; M & J worked on the patio project
  • MAJOR PURCHASES: IKEA godmorgon double vanity for the master bath; supplies for painting the patio pad; Target Wellington gazebo
After much hemming&hawing, we welcomed the IKEA godmorgon to master bath:

Here's our new gazebo that will one day soon be bolted to our patio!

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