Wednesday, April 8, 2009

House color: Love & Hate

DA HOUSE IS GREEN! We admit it. We've long been been itching to own a house we could paint any color we pleased. In fact, while house hunting, we made ran in the opposite direction of "deed-restricted" abodes and home-owners associations that might restrict our God-given right to paint our house purple and orange polka dots. Okay, we never intended to be so dramatic, but we did dream of a house that reflected our love of all things tropical, bright and cheery. That's right...we couldn't live in a house painted beige, grey, brown or any other color that didn't perpetually remind us of sunny Florida. Last year, when we bought Pacha Mama House, she was wearing several decades of peeling paint, the top layer of which was dirt-splattered ivory. We labored for color inspiration and got stuck somewhere between key-lime and seafoam green. After many trips to Home Depot to pick up MORE paint samples, we finally agreed on a winner. The painters spent one day to prep and one day to paint. Here's a few lessons we learned along the way:
1. BUY LOTS OF SAMPLES. Those tiny paint swatches look completely different when put on your house. M convinced me it was better to spend a lot of money on samples than a lot of money on repaintin a whole house. Nuf said.

2. COLORS CHANGE WITH DAYLIGHT. After the paint samples dried, we were awed by how different they looked in the shade versus direct sunlight. Thus, we tested on two different walls that got different light exposures.

3. BE BOLD. not boring. Your house is a statement of who you are. If you really are a grey person, then go ahead and paint your house grey - it is true to you. But if you are really a brightly colored person, do not let fear rule your life or your house color.

Our indecisive deliberation:

Pacha Mama House before:

Pacha Mama House after:

No, the irony is not lost on us. In our attempt at a greenovation, we have gone literal. Sheesh!

So far we have had two extreme responses from our neighbors and I quote...
Neighbor 1: "HEY! Why'd you paint your house that ugly color?"
Neighbor 2: "HEY! We love your house color!" you love it? hate it? Happy Voting!

Our new house color! Survey says?
LIKEY. I'm totally feelin' it.
DISLIKEY. I'm feeling sick just looking at it. free polls

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