Tuesday, July 21, 2009

House [birthday] Party

Pacha Mama House is our baby…and she just turned one! J. and I celebrated by having a first birthday party and challenging our neighbors to a quiz game about some “firsts” at PMH. Let’s see how many questions y’all can get right…the answers at the end of this post:

1. Who was the FIRST to accidentally fall off the Pacha Mama House seawall and into the canal? J. or M.?
2. Who was the FIRST to need the first aid kit amid renovation projects? J. or M.? And lastly…
3. Who was the FIRST to spot a manatee from the backyard? J. or M.?

We were glad to have so many friends and neighbors join us. Hopefully, no one thought we were weird at having a birthday party for our house. Hmm…this may be the start of a Pacha Mama House tradition. As a bonus, some neighbors shared stories about the history of Pacha Mama house and its past owners. We learned our house had previously been a place for neighborly gatherings. Time will tell if PMH lives up to her legacy. In other news, J. has been dealing with some pretty challenging family issues, so postings may be meager for a while.

What’s a birthday party without cake? Oh, and it’s marble. Yum. Oh, and here’s the quiz answers: 1) M., 2). J., 3) M. So, how many did you get right? Let us know!
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Anonymous said...

I live in South Tampa and would love to see a comprehensive list of contractors you've been happy with. Do you have that info anywhere on your blog?

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