Saturday, August 1, 2009

Seen us around?

Have you seen PMH around? We’re not paparrazi-dodgin-famous, but Pacha Mama House has been havin’ her 15 seconds o’ fame. She’s recently been featured here and there:

Young House Love (July 2009). Since J. is notorious for drooling over the “Reader Redesigns” submissions over at the very popular blog Young House Love blog, she sent in our patio pics to Sherry & John and crossed her fingers.

One Project Closer (July 2009).
On a whim, J. entered the same patio before & after pics to an annual home improvement competition held at this website. We were the first winners picked! Bonus: they made a donation to Habitat for Humanity in our name and mailed us a gift card to Home Depot! Double score!

RE-Nest (June 2009)

Again, J. entered a few more patio pictures into a “Great Outdoors” photo competition at RE-NEST blog (associated with the well known Apartment Therapy site) and we were so psyched to be featured in their summer series. Bonus: we won an Apartment Therapy Design book and a T-shirt!

Let us know if you see us around, k?
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