Friday, August 7, 2009

WEEKS 52-56: One year down

Just over the 1-yr mark of house ownership, we are proud of what's been accomplished. As for what’s left to do...our feelings change from "it's so daunting" to "it’s so exciting." Do other homeowners have these mixed feeling too? Meanwhile, J. has recently left for Bolivia to take care of her mom for a bit, leaving M. to face an ever-growing honey-do list.
  • DECISIONS: to hold-off on further projects in common areas of the house for now and focus on the two guest rooms in anticipation of upcoming houseguests

  • LABOR: M. put up our house numbers; painted the hallway; created a walkway down to the seawall…and threw a first birthday party for our casa. Oh, and we put up a new manatee-caution sign…more on that later!

  • MAJOR BUYS: a new patio rug (hola stripes!)

Just in time for hurricane season, a delightfully tacky flamingo-print grill cover from Two Dog Designs...

and some new plants to join the other ones on the front porch...
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