Friday, September 11, 2009

postcard: Second breakfast

La Paz, BO - Around 11am, a magical thing happens in La Paz: people of all ages spill into Salteñerias to enjoy hot salteñas (kinda like a small bolivian meat pie with sweet dough). I like to refer to this as 2nd brekky. Most salteñas have either beef or chicken filling, but this Bolivian girl hunted down a vegetarian option (yippee!). I also discovered that "El Hornito" [translation: The little oven] has expanded and now has 3 salteñerias serving the greater La Paz area. Excellent! If you've never had a salteña, you are really missing something in life...
P.S. I rode past the U.S. Embassy today and observed the flag flying at half-staff. It was a sad moment because I remember being a D.C. resident in September 2001. I recall standing on my apartment rooftop and watching billowing smoke streak the sky. Even though I'm far away at this moment, it doesn't seem so... not today.

Love, J.
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