Sunday, September 20, 2009

postcard: Thanks, bird poop!

Mallasa, BO - A bird pooped on me today. I was grumpy as I looked up to face my offender. When I realized it was a bird's nest, I softened my scowl. The nest reminded me that tomorrow (September 21st) is the 1st day of Spring in Bolivia. Of course it's also the 1st day of Autumn back home in Tampa, FL. Oddly, Autumn in Tampa is warmer than Spring in La Paz. I took my mom and aunt to the annual Flower Festival that marks the Spring Equinox here, where I even spotted some of my favorite Florida native plants. Lately it seems, I am more and more frequently thinking of home. Anyhow, thanks bird poop for reminding me of spring - of new life, new beginnings, and all things renewing after a period of hiberation (maybe even me) ... but did it have to be on my new alpaca sweater?
Love, J.
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1 comment:

Beltway Spinner said...

It is supposed to be good luck. Or so I've heard. See ya soon, Sis.

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