Monday, March 16, 2009


Back from CARNAVAL! As many of you know my family is from Bolivia…and my mom moved back there years ago during her retirement. On our 2nd trip to Bolivia together, M and I wanted to spend quality time with mom … oh and also to dance a little bit. We spent most of our time around the bustling city of La Paz, enjoying vibrant streetmarkets, Bolivian bakeries (yum!), pre-Inca ruin sites, and of course a weekend getaway to Oruro to experience Carnaval – Bolivian style. Oruro’s Carnaval consists of a dance parade that lasts over 20 hours…but we didn’t even last ten…phew! It was one of the most incredible and exhausting things we have ever done. We came back from this trip inspired by the folk music, vegetarian cuisine, and lively indigenous textiles. Here we share a few of our favorite pics from this trip… we hope you will be inspired too!

Carnval dancers in "diablo" and "caporales" costumes...

Pre-Inca "Monolito" statue and the view of the La Paz valley

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